How I choose war participants

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How I choose war participants

Post by dearol'dad » 13 Jul 2017, 17:37

My way is simple.

When I close the clan (prior to starting each war) I kick all clansmen with red or black shields (non-elders).

All elders not opting out of the current war are selected first.

I then select clansmen (non-elders), starting from the bottom of the 'my clan' list, up to the participant count (usually 40) to complete the war list.

I have found that the higher the shield value of the clansman (non-elder), the more likely s/he will desert or leave the clan. It seems they are commonly not team (at least not our team) players. A red or black shield makes them easier to recognize. For this reason, I choose war clansmen (non-elders) from the bottom up.

Many clansmen and some elders of this clan have left for various reasons. This clan has been in existence from the beginning of this (CoC) game start. This support forum is a little over 1 year old and has had many growing pains. It has now reached the point in time where being a part of this clan includes using the forum to improve the clan (and self?).

We neither want nor tolerate 'coasters'. You either want to become better at playing this game by contributing to the forum or you want to be in another clan.