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Ramblings of a madman

Post by dearol'dad » 29 Apr 2017, 21:20

Nordic Warden got me started playing this game. As time passed, we (really me) decided that investing in a website would aid in the growth (and strength) of the clan. Nordic Warden and deadmeatagain supported this idea. I invest the money (about $400.00 so far) that keeps this forum up. What I ask in return is that every clansman do their best to participate and support this clan. Teach and learn.

This forum requires some time to use. If you can't invest (give or take, 20 minutes per day) the time, then maybe you need to look for a less demanding clan. I invest several hours every day and enjoy every minute. I'm retired, so it is a little different for me. I understand that your time is as precious as mine or maybe even more so. A few minutes of learning on this forum may create much more enjoyment in the future game in much less time than by learning by yourself.

This forum facilitates much greater communication between clansmen. The forum is open to clansmen that have joined the forum but not to non-forum players. We benefit most by being more educated than the other guy so we won't educate him. Our mchat feature can facilitate real-time chatting within the forum.

There is much more to this forum than the non-forum viewer sees. Becoming a loyal clansman and joining this forum will open up much more to see and learn.

FUN. That is my first goal. My second goal is fun. After that, I'm just in it for the fun. I hope you want to join with me in this adventure.

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